Lewey Geselowitz

Objective: To work on the future interfaces of computing

-          To enable contextual and correlated navigation between interfaces

-          To establish physical interaction technologies and applications

-          To visualize software processes for natural user programming


10/2008 – Present: NUI Publishing, Primary Kinect Engineer, Microsoft Studios

-          Kinect Star Wars (Concept to Post-Production, Augmentation Lead)

o   Defined and lead the development of our augmented avateering technology and ergonomic animation authoring practices.

o   Designed and implemented numerous core interaction systems such as Inverse Body Dynamics Muscle estimation, real-time content driven pose blending, and body reactive camera systems.

o   Prototyped and drove many of the core game mechanics from force interactions, to augmented walking and holographic menu interactions.

-          Kinectimals (Concept to Ship, Kinect Interactions)

o   Helped design and tune most of the core interactions from the RC car, to throwing, and hand controls (straight line in your eye from actual hand, to virtual hand, to kitten).

o   Lead the prototyping and implementation of numerous 3d menu systems, which finally achieved a kid friendly, easy to use, and context embedded solution.

-          Kinect Disneyland Adventures (Post Production and Shipping, Systems Engineering)

o   Implemented numerous debugging and memory analysis tools to achieve software stability and high fix rates for complex memory and multi co-routine based systems.

o   Restructured and improved the in-game avateering and augmentation (including hug).

-          Kinect / Natal / MFAD (Prototype to Ship, Kinect Lead)

o   Was involved in many of the early hardware and software decisions, numerous early prototypes, marketing strategies, evaluating game companies, generating pitches, etc.

o   Have been in the bi-weekly NUI Tech calls between the platform and game studios for the past three years, helping coordinate between teams from prototypes to shipping.

o   Have given two Gamefest talks (including the 2nd highest rated tech talk in 2010), and numerous smaller “Natal fest “and partner team meetings.


10/2007 – 9/2008: DirectX / Xbox Platform Team (4 release cycles)

-          Improved the “PIX for Windows” runtime and analysis technologies to better support numerous DirectX based Windows products around the company from XNA, to Photosynth and even the Shell itself.

-          Provided designs and prototypes for a unified graphics and performance analysis framework, that helped lead to the upcoming integration of timing and GPU debugging technologies in Visual Studio.

7/2007 – 10/2008: Static and Dynamics Code Analysis Team, XNA / Microsoft Game Studios

-          Worked under Marwan Jubran to develop static, dynamic and memory analysis tools used across MGS and gradually integrated into the platform (“/analyze” for example).

-          Provided static and dynamic analysis for Alan Wake, Viva Piñata and Fable II.

8/2006 – 7/2007: Forza 2 Systems Team, Microsoft Game Studios (Production to Ship)

-          Worked with artists on the environment and car rendering content pipelines and runtime.

-          Owned numerous systems and rendering optimizations, including split-screen at 60 Hz, and even built the final rendering library on my PC before we shipped.

5/2002 – 8/2006: Computer Science (BS), University of Florida

-          Worked with Dr. Jorg Peters on virtual surgery simulations using haptic feedback devices.

-          Final project was a complete language from parser to high level component syntax and optimizing compiler for HLSL, GLSL, and Render-man.

5/2005 – 8/2005: R1 Engine Team, Second Microsoft Internship (Pre-Production)

-          Helped port Rare’s R1 engine from Xbox to the “Xenon” Xbox 360 alpha kits for Forza 2 and other titles.

-          Implemented automatic graphics shader generation, to exactly match 3ds Max procedural materials, including automatically disassembling, modifying and reassembling HLSL shaders.

8/2004 – 5/2005: Hyper Protein, HyperCube Inc. (Concept to Production)

-          Designed and implemented interactive tools for phylogenetic protein analysis using quantum chemistry based molecular dynamics (exploring protein active sites through combined sequence and structure)

-          Structured a multi-document long term project interface for correlating multi-sequence DNA alignments with 3d structural information, this was disputed but ultimately proved most viable for focused reseach.

1/2004 – 3/2004: Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF/Avalon):  Microsoft Internship

-          Worked on the Media Integration Layer (MIL) performance team to instrument and create profiling tools for WPF’s native to managed communication layer, that later became Windows 8’s “WinRT” API.

-          These tools are still in use today in the MIL performance lab.

2002 - 2003: Won numerous programming challenges for real-time mobile device interaction

-          3D Voxel carving using the Tablet PC

-          Tools for drawing 3D SIRDS (“Magic Eye”) on the Pocket PC

-          Intuitive Ink-based animation interface on the Tablet PC